Tutor Profile:

Alana is a certified Hardanger Embroidery tutor, with more than 20 years’ experience in this technique. Also, Alana is a certified Needlepoint tutor and is working on certification for Ukrainian and Latvian embroidery styles, mounting embroidery and pulled fabric.




Alana Wegner’s Hardanger Workshop

This class is designed to be an initial journey into Hardanger Embroidery encompassing some counted thread embroidery techniques from Norway. Hardanger Embroidery is traditionally a white on white embroidery which features on aprons and shirts worn as part of traditional folk costumes.

During this 2-day class, students will explore basic techniques – such as preparation gridding, satin stitch including kloster blocks, eyelets and cable stitch. On the second day students will delve into needleweaving including woven bars and dove’s eyes. Students will gain the knowledge to interpret and adapt commercial patterns.

The class is designed for those who have not previously undertaken any hardanger embroidery. Knowledge of basic embroidery terms and an appreciation of counted thread embroidery will be an advantage.

Students will complete the embroidery for a pincushion (5.5cm x 9.5cm) or needlecase (8cm x 11cm) but there is some additional sewing required to complete the item.

A kit, including fabric, threads and instructions, will be available from the tutor on the first day at a cost $20 each.

The kit includes prepared fabric, threads and detailed notes. In addition to the kit, students will be required to bring other items such as needles and a hoop and a list of other requirements will be forwarded closer to the class.

(Note: The example is worked on 28 count Permin linen Tea colour. White Permin is available for the same cost. Please inform the Class Registrar of your colour preference when enrolling.)

No preparation work is required prior to this stress-free 2-day class.