Tutor Profile 

I have been making things with thread for as long as I can remember. While I was at primary school my sister taught me to knit, my grandmother taught me to crochet and my mother taught me embroidery. 

I had wanted to learn Bobbin lace since seeing it in a book called ‘The Complete Book of Needlework’. Eventually I found the Mildura Bobbin Lace Group and started learning lacemaking. 

All other crafts were then packed up and put away where they stayed for 20 years. I had found my true passion. 

I joined the Australian Lace Guild in 1990 and started doing Proficiency’s as a means of learning the different laces.

I now have four teaching certificates, Torchon, Bedfordshire, Bucks Point and Braid lace. I have been teaching for the last 15 years and hope to go on for many more. It is something I really enjoy.

Workshop Details.

This workshop is suitable for all lacemakers experienced in making Floral Bedfordshire Lace and those ready to stat on Floral Lace.  All Students must have had a considerable amount of experience in makign Bedfordshire Lace.