Tutor Profile 

Judith Connors is well known internationally as an author, teacher and designer of tatted lace. For more than fifty years Judith has shared her interest and love of shuttle lace, and researched extensively its history and development, particularly its terminology.

Judith has Teacher Accreditation in Tatted Lace with the Australian Lace Guild, and has taught widely in Australia, the USA and Canada. Her lace has received two Medals for Excellence from the English Lace Guild, and three Triennial Awards from the Australian Lace Guild.

Judith’s original designs have been displayed in international exhibitions – the 2001 Australian Cotton Fibre Expo, the 2002 Dame Mary Durack Awards, ’Lace 21’ (2014) at Waddesdon Manor in the U.K., and ‘Tatting: From Concept to Conceptual Art’ (2017) at the Lacis Museum of Lace & Textiles, USA.

Judith contributes to journals in Australia, Denmark, the U.K. and the USA. She has published five books about tatted lace, and has been editor of ‘Talking Tatting’, the newsletter of Queensland Tatters, for the past ten years. Judith also enjoys needle lace, holding Stage 2 ALG Proficiency and a Tutor’s Certificate from the Queensland Embroiderers’ Guild.

Workshop Details

Contemporary Tatting

Let’s get creative by applying what you already know about tatted lace – rings, chains and
split rings. In this two-day class, we’ll add a few beads and sequins to produce your own
arrangement of gum leaves and flowers. You’ll also learn about lock-stitch chains and the
handy reverse join.