Young Lacemakers

The Australian Lace Guild encourages all young lace makers regardless of gender.

Many years ago, girls as young as six or seven were taught the basics by their mother and around age 13 to 16, often they would sent out to work. Back in the old days, lace was popular to wear, but only the rich could afford it. Hand made lace died out dramattically with the invention of machines. This old craft might have been lost if it had not been for the dilligent persistence of some who wanted to keep it alive and thanks to them it might not thrive as it once did but it still a popular craft to learn.

Many get introduced to lace making though family or they see it at a local fair or craft workshop. I find that at these demonstrations it is always the young ones willing to have a go, most mums and dads say it looks hard, but the kids usually pick it up easy. And it is easy, you only need to learn 2 stitches, how hard is that? I have met many a young one who constantly drags their parents back for a second go.

To encourage more young people to take up lacemaking, this section has specifically been created for all lace makers under the age of 18. It is designed to not only bring those already lacemaking together, but also introduce those who are interested in learning about lace. So click one of the links below and explore

Information for Juniors


If you can help with this section or have something you might like to see, please contact us. Thank you.