Every year the Australian Lace Guild recognises the talent of our younger lacemakers with the Nimble Fingers Award. This award is open to all lacemakers under the age of 18 years. Entrants to this award do not have to be members of the Australian Lace Guild.


The Australian Lace Guild created the Nimble Fingers Award in 1996 to acknowledge and encourage young lacemakers in Australia. The award is offered every year at our annual conference.

Prizes are offered in two categories, being:

  • Under twelve years of age at the closing date of receipt of entry forms; and
  • Twelve years of age to under 18 years of age at the closing date for entries.

Please contact our Nimble Fingers Co-ordinator if you need more information.

We invite young lacemakers to prepare a piece of lace to be judged prior to and displayed at the 2021 Conference in Brisbane, Queensland.

The closing date for receipt of entry forms and fees is the 17th Aug 2023. Lace is to be delivered by mail by the 17th Sept 2023. Hand Deliveries are to be received by 22nd Sept 2023.

Entry is free to Australian Lace Guild Members and $2 to non-members. Entry forms must be signed by a financial adult member of the Australian Lace Guild.

Entry Form

Download the Nimble Fingers Entry Form, or contact the Awards Coordinator for an entry form.
Post the completed entry form together with your remittance to the Awards Coordinator.

Entry Conditions

Please read the entry conditions on the entry form.  These conditions apply to all entries.

Tips for Parents.

1: Keep it simple and of interest. A pattern that interests the child without too many elements is more likely to be completed.
2: Set small goals. Use a striver pin to count the number of pins in a session. Under 10 years, a pin per year of age per session is often the limit. Remember – it is ok to not make today’s goal.
3: Children love competition – sit and make lace beside them; who can finish 2 pins before I peel the potatoes?
4: Reward effort – play time, treat, extra story at bedtime! Keep it logical, but small goals earning a small reward will do wonders for the next effort.
5: Read the signs – we all have days off, times when we are easily ditracted, or simply do not feel like making lace. Children are the same, so do not push.

So rifle through those easy patterns and find a young person. . . . . We look forward to receiving your entries.