Meet the National Committee Administrative Team. This page introduces everyone and gives you a brief description of each job the Committee Members all hold.

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The NAC President is responsible all NAC activities and administrative procedures. She oversees all Guild matters, supports members of the NAC where needed by discussing and problem solving and chairs all NAC meetings.

 Vice President

Assists the President when help is needed and steps in when the President is unavailable.

Website Co-ordinator
The Website Co-ordinator keeps the website up to date, including making sure all current forms are updated and available for download each year. She welcomes all ideas and submissions for the website

The Treasurer maintains control over all finances of the Guild including keeping a record of all financial transactions including being responsible for the bank account. She also ensures the Guild complies with its regulatory requirements.

The Correspondence Secretary is responsible for all income and outgoing correspondence for the NAC. She is also responsible with the Treasurer for all legal and regulatory matters that the guild must comply.

Membership Secretary
The Membership Secretary is responsible for all matters to do with maintaining an up to date list of members, receives and processes all applications for new and renewed memberships and notifies the Guild when a member has achieved a significant membership status such as 25 year and 40 year badges. She also follows up on lapsed memberships.

Proficiency Co-ordinator
The Proficiency Co-ordinator is responsible for answering any queries on proficiency program.She is responsible for receiving all assessment application forms, payments and stages to be assessed and sending all portfolios to the appropriate assessors.She then notifies all candidates of of their results and returns their portfolios to them.

The Editor of ‘Australian Lace‘ seeks articles/photos for the magazine, sets up the magazine ready for printing, and arranges the printing company. She accepts articles and photographs, collates articles, organises proof readers, accepts advertisements and loves receiving submissions from all members. Be active, support our Journal.

Nimble Fingers and Triennial Awards Co-ordinator
The Co-ordinator of the Nimble Fingers award and the Triennial Award is responsible for the running of these awards. The theme of the Triennial Award is decided by the committee as a whole.

 Conference Co-ordinator
The Conference co-ordinator is the goto person for any enquiries concerning the conference. The conference is organised by the committee as a whole.