Meet the National Committee Administrative Team. This page introduces everyone and gives you a brief description of each job the Committe Members all hold.

If you need to contact the NAC team please click on the team members name or email

Teresa Murphy: President / Web Co-ordinator
Teresa oversees all NAC activities and administrative procedures. She oversees all Guild matters, supports members of the NAC where needed by discussing and problem solving and chairs all NAC meetings. As Webmistress, it is her job to keep the website up to date, including making sure all current forms are updated and available for download each year. She welcomes all ideas and submisions for the website.

Alice Skennar : Vice President
Alice assists the president when help is needed and steps in when the president is unavailable.

Lyle Burns: Treasurer / Merchandising
Lyle maintains control over all finances of the Guild. It is her job to record all money going out or coming in and she keeps the bank accounts in order. She also ensures the Guild complies with its regulatory requirements.

Jan Manvell: Secretary / Grants and Scholarships
Jan receives most of our correspondence whether by mail or email, including emails from the website. She answers all correspondence and when neccesary refers it to to another NAC member or to a State branch Secretary. Jan takes the minutes of all Committee meetings and at the AGM and delegate’s meeting and distributes minutes as required after each meeting.

Leonie Woods: Membership Secretary
Leonie receives and processes all applications for new and renewed memberships. She maintains a list of active members and posts a welcome pack to all new members. She also follows up on lapsed memberships.

Jan Manvell: Proficiency Co-ordinator
Jan answers any queries on proficiency and if the answer is not known to her, she will contact the appropiate person to ask. All assessment application forms, payments and stages to be assessed are sent to her.

Maureen Markwell: Editor
Maureen seeks artices/photos for the magazine, sets up the magazine ready for printing, and arranges the printing company. She takes photos, collates articles, organises proof readers, accepts advertisments and loves receiving submisssions from all members. Be active, support our Journal.

TBC: Triennial and Nimble Fingers Co-ordinator
TBC is the one to contact if you any queries or questions about Nimble Fingers or Triennial. She is one to contact for all entry forms and guidelines. She also helps the Webmistress with the Junior Pages.

Vivienne Shelly, Lyn Melville and Carolyn Turton : Committee
The Committee members are our do anything and everything team.