Find a Lace Teacher

There are many forms of lace.  Torchon bobbin lace is popular with learners of bobbin lace: although it is possible to start with other forms of bobbin lace.  Many techniques learned in Torchon bobbin lace appear in other bobbin laces.

We have teachers available in most states and covering a wide variety of lace techniques including

  • Bobbin Laces – Torchon, Bedfordshire,Braids, Bucks, Binche, Flanders, Honiton, Tape
  • Crochet lace
  • Knitted lace
  • Knotted lace
  • Netting Lace
  • Needle lace
  • Tatting lace
  • Techniques – Design and Colour, Mounting


If you are a member of the lace guild, then members of your local group or branch may also be able to assist you to find a teacher.

If you are a member of the Australian Lace Guild and would like your name added to our list of teachers, download the Teacher Application Form.