Triennial Theme 2003 ~ Framed

Halas Lace Butterfly:
Needle lace and most outstanding entry by Melanie Bartlett (NSW)
Pot of Flowers
Knitted Lace by Gaye Beswick (NSW)
Icecream Cornucopia
Mixed Lace by Elizabeth Ligeti
A Frilly Frame
Tatted Lace by Leonie Martinson
Web of Deceipt
Embroidered Lace by Gaye Beswick
After the Fires
Bobbin Lace by Jenny Rees
Highy reccomended Bobbin Lace by Zetta McCormak
Finally Finished
Highy Bobbin Lace reccomended by Win Lambert
Highy reccomended Needle lace by Elizabeth Ligeti
Sailing Days
Highly Reccomended Needle Lace by Elena Dickson
Iluka Framed
Group Entry from the Iluka Lace Group