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Kate’s lace making career started in the early 1980’s, when she was introduced to lacemaking by her mother. She lives in Perth, but through her involvement with lace, has had the opportunity to visit various countries which have a lacemaking tradition. This has given her the opportunity to see exquisite examples of the different laces and to attend workshops.

Despite dabbling in these laces, she usually returns to designing and making Torchon lace. Many of her designs have been published and she finds it rewarding when she knows her designs have been worked by other lacemakers. Kate enjoys teaching and has conducted several workshops in Perth and Albany.


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Exploring Torchon Grounds and Spiders

The beauty of Torchon lace is created with the use of its many ground stitches and spiders available to the lacemaker. In this workshop you will be exploring some less used grounds such as Snowflake, Honeycomb, Cane, Triangle and a variety of Rose grounds.

For most of us, when a spider is indicated on the pattern, we opt for the simple spider, when there are many interesting spiders to consider.  Several spiders will be explored during the workshop, including various 6, 8, and 10 leg spiders.

The workshop caters to all levels of lacemaking experience. You will be encouraged to select the patterns and levels you would like to work during the workshop. The workshop is available as a two or four day option.