Tutor Profile

I have always been passionate about lace making, especially bobbin lace. Over many years I have endeavoured to further my skills by adding techniques from many lace styles and types aided by wonderful tutors world-wide. This has been the basis for a large body of art pieces and installations exhibited at home and overseas.

I now enjoy passing on all the lace techniques and tips, often traditional in technique but contemporary in practice. I like to encourage students to build on their own skills no matter how new or experienced, to enable them to experiment and extend the craft in our modern world.

Whether it is using bobbin lace for straight decoration, for jewelry, or for public space installation, I am open to it all!

For the Australian Lace Guild AGM, I am looking forward to introducing students to one of the most romantic and universally best-known laces, in Chantilly bobbin lace. Using enlarged prickings with slightly heavier threads that we can all see easily; students will learn the tricks of this lovely net lace

Workshop Details

“The workshop will be for newcomers to Chantilly lace, one of the best-known European laces. Students will be introduced to a variety of grounds, foot-sides, head-sides and gimp techniques, giving students the confidence to try more complicated patterns at their leisure. Threads and pattern sizes will be easy to see and use, rather than trying to decipher fine patterns using extremely fine threads in a workshop situation. Chantilly lace is beautiful, intricate and can be a great grounding for any of the other net laces.”