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Welcome to the Australian Lace Guild

The Australian Lace Guild was formed in 1979 in NSW to bring the lacemakers of Australia together. The National Administrive Committee is currently in Tasmania

Our members make lace for their own enjoyment and for their own use.  Lace makers find their craft deeply satisfying, sometimes challenging, and very rewarding.  Lace making can be very time consuming and on the whole has not been made on a commercial basis in Australia for many years. The amount of time involved in making lace would render it unaffordable.  For example, it can take more than one hour to make a one centimetre square of lace.

By the way, if you are given a piece of handmade lace, you are very lucky.

worked by Lisa Lawrie
pattern by Eeva-Liisa Kortelahti
from Let's Make Bobbin Lace

About the Australian Lace Guild

Lacemakers in Australia are served by both the national body, the Australian Lace Guild, and by the relevant state bodies.  Members joining the national body are also joined with their relevant state body.  The state bodies organise meetings, workshops, newsletters, demonstrations, displays and other activities for their members.

The directors of the national body form the National Administrative Committee (NAC) which manages all the affairs of the Guild.  All NAC roles are voluntary.  The NAC moves from one state to the next every three years, bringing fresh people with fresh ideas to the committee.

Some of the NAC's many responsibilities include:

Harbour Bridge Over Opera House Rooves,
Bobbin Lace by Alice Vokac

The Lace Guild's Aim is to:

You can use our website to:

We look forward to hearing from you. Please email the Secretary with any queries.

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